Our Top 5 Space Saving Designs

White Willow and Space Saving Designs

In this day and age space is in itself, a valuable commodity. We all want to make the most of every square inch when creating our dream home. Therefore we as furniture designers always like to look at clever space saving solutions. Here are our top 5:

#1 Space Saving Bunk Beds and Side Desks

Design Space Saving Bunk Beds Pull down Beds

This type of bedroom would sit perfectly as either a bedroom for the children or even a guest bedroom allowing an entire family to stay in one of your rooms. We personally love the way they have incorporated desks and a single ladder for double access. They are really making the most of valuable space here.

#2 Understairs Storage

Built In Understairs Storage

This clever design really shows how to make the most of your potential storage spaces. Designs like this can completely transform unused and awkward areas. This really shows the benefits of having your storage solutions custom built as it totally revamps empty spaces

#3 Home Library

Home Library Bookcase

Forgotten spaces like this can often make the most intriguing home libraries. Built-in bookshelves such as this melt into the architecture of the room. Not every home can fit a library in it, but nearly every home will have a spare wall than could easily be turned into a miniature library.

#4 Pull- Down Furniture

Pull-Down Space Saving Furniture

This designer won a merit award for Architect and Design for coming up with this space saving solution in a tiny New York apartment. The built-in cupboards conceal a pull-down table with chairs underneath and boxed shelving for additional storage. It’s clever design really maximises every inch of space.

#5 Space Saving Pantry


Moving some of your bulkier items out of your kitchen and into a near-by cupboard or hallway would really free up a lot of space in your kitchen. A pantry can be simple and use adjustable shelves or fixed like the ones we see in this photo.

At White Willow we are always looking at ways to maximise space in our clients’ homes. If you like what you see and want to discuss any space saving ideas with one of our designers, then just get in touch via the contact form!

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