How to Choose and Design your TV Entertainment Family Wall Unit

Traditional Family Room Wall Unit

If you’ve got all the bits and pieces you need for a TV entertainment unit: flat screen TV, speakers, DVD player and all the little extras like DVDs and CDs. Then you clearly need a display unit to put them in. Not only will this hide ugly wires but it will give you the essential storage your family needs. Before you go ahead with an investment like this, it is important that you consider the following steps:

Guage what you need

Try and assess the things you want on show and the things you don’t. This will give you a good idea of how many doors you want (to hide DVDs, general stuff) and where you want shelving for display (for things like artwork, photos, accessories and plants etc.)

Get rid of the extras

Once you have everything you want to include in the family room unit, get rid of all the things you can do without. You should then try and group together the included items (such as books DVDs) as this will give you an idea of how big you want your base units and shelving.

Types of shelving

Think about the types of shelving you want. If you are considering books then adjustable shelves might be a better option. This also changes the design element as ladder racking is visible. You may want basic floating shelves or ones with intricate mouldings.

Shop Around

To get a good indication of your style, shop around. Collect together an array of TV wall unit clippings. That way when it comes to the design you will already know what you want.

For some design inspiration, here are a few of our favourite family wall units:


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