Ways to Refresh Your Home with Modern Furniture and Upgrades for 2019

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Ways to Refresh Your Home with Modern Furniture and Upgrades for 2019

2019 is the year of minimalism, and you can’t have minimalism with clutter! Clear tables and shelves to just the essentials, upgrade storage solutions to hide more away, and get rid of things that no longer serve you. This is the perfect time to clear out anything you don’t need anymore and just keep the essentials.

Removing the clutter does a surprisingly good job at making your space feel more refreshed and the minimalism effect can make your space more modern alone. Plus, removing some unwanted items and clutter leaves more room for you to upgrade a piece of furniture or try out a new modern trend!

Add Velvet (and texture)
Velvet is the material of the moment for 2019. Adding a velvet couch, a chair, an ottoman, even just a couple pillows, will bring your space up to date.

If velvet is a little much for you, you’re still in luck. Textured furniture as a whole is right on trend for 2019. Adding some tweed pillows, or a leather sofa, or a wool chair are simple upgrades you can make to give some texture to your space. Any type of texture on the floor, counters, and walls is a go too!

Mix and Match
Metals, materials, textures, colours – mix and match it all. Modern furniture and modern design in recent years has been highlighted by mixing and matching, and 2019 is planning on taking this to a new level. A simple upgrade to refresh your space is to add one or two new dining chairs to your set to mix it up. You could also add a coffee table with a different texture or metal than your other furniture. Maybe even get two barstools that don’t match.

The beauty of mixing and matching is that with the smallest changes, your space suddenly becomes more bohemian and modern. You don’t need to overhaul an entire room to capitalize on this modern trend!

Bring in Life
One of our favourite trends at sohoConcept for 2019 is the obsession with greenery and bringing life into a space. Hanging plants indoors, huge potted plants, indoor vines – everything outside is coming inside! When done tastefully, this modern design trend makes a space feel light, minimalist, simple, and everything that 2019 trends are about.

The simple upgrade of adding some plants with some textured pots may be all you need to breathe new air into your space.

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