Bespoke Fitted Bedroom Furniture in Bath- Why Go Bespoke?

One of the greatest things about bespoke furniture is that there is nothing that we cannot design, build or create. Take for instance this design in Bath, on first glance it looks like a beautifully designed corner wardrobe with mirrored doors. Yet there is more to this construction than what meets the eye.

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If you look closely at the image you may notice a sloping ceiling. This was a problem for the client because they wanted floor to ceiling wardrobes with an even finish. From the picture it is difficult to appreciate how tall this wardrobe is, but it in fact reaches 8 and 1/2 ft. If you went to a company on the high street that specialises in ‘fitted wardrobes’ you would not get what we have produced for the client. This is because door sizes from these companies still come in regular/modular sizes of 6 1/2 ft. So to overcome any gaps above the doors stores on the high street would simply fill them with unsightly blank panels. As all of our doors are made to measure, we were able to create doors that reach 7 and a 1/2 ft in height which leaves the wardrobe looking very symmetrical and pleasing on the eye.

So why go bespoke? White Willow Furniture was able to overcome any problem by building the furniture to the clients exact specifications. The client was able to have their floor to ceiling wardrobes, the wardobes painted to any colour to match their room, unusual 7 and a 1/2 ft doors, and beautiful framing to make their sloping ceiling more discreet. So, to go bespoke means not having to ‘make do’ with standard sizes, but means you get exactly what you want in your home without making any compromises.

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