Bespoke Furniture: Staying within a Budget and Using a Reputable Company

bUDGET pICIn most home renovation projects there always seems to be some unforeseen cost that escalates the price. You therefore worry that bespoke furniture means you’ll be paying thousands more than you initially planned. However, bespoke furniture does not have to be costly like this. You can stay within your desired budget provided you use a reputable company. There are many ways to check whether a company is reputable:

1.Check their Details

Firstly search for them online and make sure they have a business address and a way to contact them. The company you’re dealing with should have some physical, concrete location somewhere in the world.

2. See What Others Say

Search for them online and you may find forums and reviews from customers. This is a good indication that customers have been satisfied with their products in the past.

3. Ask for References

You should always ask for references with any company you deal with. Any trustworthy company would be happy to do this for you and show examples of their previous work.

4. Staying within Budget

Once you feel comfortable that you are dealing with a legitimate company then you could give the company a call or send an email detailing exactly what you want. It might be a good idea to mention your budget here. Once you have discussed those details any respectable company should come out to you for a visit (free of charge) to evaluate and survey what it is you need. When it comes to bespoke furniture it is often difficult to gauge an estimate price over the phone without looking at the exact specifications, measurements and characteristics of your home.

5. The Evaluation

Once the evaluation at your home has taken place you should be given a quote. This quote will detail exactly what you are paying for. Any ‘unforeseen’ costs that we mentioned earlier would have been picked up at the evaluation stage. Therefore, the cost you are quoted will be the definitive price.

6. Timescales

When it comes to bespoke furniture, every piece takes time to construct and install.  Any furniture company of good repute normally works 6 weeks ahead and I would be wary of any furniture maker that does not have a succession of clients. Therefore it is important when thinking about purchasing bespoke furniture to consider these timescales.

Once you have considered all the above recommendations you’ll be working with a trustworthy company and have no problems staying within your desired budget.


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